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Jedburgh isn’t just the perfect place to experience the great outdoors, it is also a great location to discover the history of the Scottish Borders.  Take a look at what we’re proud of in this beautiful Borders town, and send us news about the places and people you want to shout about.

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Jedburgh Abbey

Scottish Borders Living-9530Jedburgh Abbey was founded, initially as a priory by King David I in 1138. By the end of the 1300s the abbey had been rebuilt for the religious community it supported. The town and abbey came under attack in 1409, 1410, 1416 and 1464. More rebuilding followed, but in 1523 the Earl of Surrey arrived at the head of an English army and again badly damaged the abbey. The abbey was repeatedly attacked by invading border armies due to its close location to the English border.

In the 1600s there were uncertainties being expressed about the structure of the tower and as a result of this a new Parish Church was built into the west part of the Abbey Church in 1671.

The Abbey was placed in State care in 1913 and it is now looked after by Historic Scotland.

Jedburgh Abbey is one of four abbeys located in the Scottish Borders, the other three can be found at Melrose, Dryburgh and Kelso.

Jedburgh Castle

Scottish Borders Living-9370Jedburgh Castle and Jail museum that lets visitors discover what it was like to be a prisoner in the 1820’s. Featuring an audio tour, you are able to walk through the spooky jail cells and find out about who was sent to the prison and why.

Children are able to dress up in prisoner costumes, providing the perfect opportunity for amusing photographs!

The main building of the Jedburgh Castle Jail houses a museum. This museum details the history of Jedburgh, from the traditions of the town to the important individuals that have impacted on the town’s development.


If you like animals there is also Deer and Farm Park, which provides a range of fun activities. Visitors can view the different species of deer, as well as a number of other animals such as sheep, goats and ducks. Falconry Scotland also has a base here, with handling sessions and demonstrations they provide the thrilling opportunity to get close to these amazing birds.

Mary Queen of Scots Visitor Centre

No visit to Jedburgh would be complete without a visit to the Mary Queen of Scots Visitor Centre. The centre houses a number of items associated with Mary and explores the interest that surrounds her. With each room focusing on a different aspect of her life, from the people she knew to her final thoughts, the visitor centre preserves the life of Mary while allowing you to follow her story.

The Common Riding

Jedburgh is a scenic and Scottish Borders town full of history and tradition. The annual Common Riding week takes place in June every year. This is a week not to be missed.

Scottish Borders Living-9465The Outdoors

Jedburgh has tranquil outdoor spaces to explore and enjoy along with walking and cycling trails. The area boasts some of the most stunning and spectacular scenery within the Scottish Borders to enjoy the many outdoor activities on offer.

Exploring the Scottish Borders Region

Jedburgh is located on the A68 route running from the Northeast of England to Edinburgh. There are many towns within easy reach from Jedburgh including, Melrose, Hawick, Selkirk, Galashiels and Kelso. Closer to the town are the villages of Ancrum and Denholm.

Melrose Abbey JLThe Four Abbeys of the Scottish Borders

The Scottish Borders has four magnificent ruined abbeys to explore. The other three abbeys are located in Melrose, Dryburgh and Kelso. All are within easy reach to Jedburghr. More information on the abbeys can be found under the tourism section – click here.

Edinburgh-2257Visiting Edinburgh

Jedburgh is just over an hour from the Edinburgh. If you’re looking to visit the city to explore, watch a show or to see the Edinburgh Military Tattoo then you can travel to Tweedbank and catch the new Borders Waverley train to Edinburgh. Trains run every half hour and the last train leaving Edinburgh is just before midnight.

We’re proud of the Scottish Borders and everything it has to offer, take a look at this beautiful Borders town.

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